Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017: Full Armour On

2014 was the year,
No, make it two years before that,
and then three years before that,
when I started to run on reserve
until I ran the race on empty.

I depended on kinsmen’s prayers
said amen to pastor’s blessings.
But I never took the pain to seek I AM’s face
or feed on His word
until I came crashing,
flat on my back.

Still, He was there to catch my fall,
healed my brokenness - spirit, soul, and body;
and put a new song in my heart.

Today I say:
Never let me go, Ishi,
fill me up with your Word, that brings life,
so that I can propagate the gospel of truth
 and birth life with every breath.

Let 2017 be the year,
where my root will grow deep
and bloom anew!


"For a just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again: but the wicked shall fall into mischief." Proverbs 24:16 (KJV)

"When thou saidst, Seek ye my face; my heart said unto thee, Thy face, Lord, will I seek." Psalm 27:8King James Version (KJV)

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