Monday, January 3, 2011

He restored my crown

He restored my crown:

He whispered my name
to fame.

Like a Rose
I blossomed
and laughed.
I begged,
and saw red.

I pierced His side
I am a sinner.
Blame me the call
I failed to heed.

I danced to strange rhythm,
he played lead act in my encrypted script.

I fell,
to rise.
Lust gave in to penitence.
I failed the test, thrice,
but mercy never let me fail
to return home.

Lust is lost.
But he’ll return
and find no room
in my cleansed robe.
No viper in my bosom.
My crown is restored unto honour.

Lushly virtuous,
and at peace, I am royalty.

(c) Jennifer Ehidiamen

This poem is in response to "I tore my Robe."

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