Friday, September 25, 2015

Do you stand on your knees?

We can't fully enjoy the fullness of Christ Jesus revealed in us until we are ready to bend to our lowest position for Him to rise to His highest position in us.

Once on my knees, I felt like I was standing in full height. On the outside I looked all surrendered but deep down within I just would not submit. I didn't know how. I felt my strength wanting to play god before the Almighty. Many times, on my knees I stood. I held back so much. But God sent me help. I experienced some level of suffering. It was in this suffering that I learnt what it means to be broken. And what it means to kneel before God. I learned to surrender. God will always send us help in the language each of us will understand.

Do you sometimes find yourself standing on the inside while on your knees?

In our walk with God, we need to really learn to experience what it means for Jesus to be increased in us. And like we know, we can't raise shoulder with His presence in our lives. We have the Holy Spirit to help us.

"He must increase, but I (must) decrease" John 3:30.


Sunday, September 6, 2015

War Room: This Is Not Just About Christianity

For such a time as this-- we have "War Room", a movie with a powerful message that is impacting lives in a way no other movie has done in a while.

"War Room" is not just about Christianity. It addresses the decaying nature of the foundation of every society-- the family. And from that position touches on other key issues that affects you and me-- ethics at the workplace, friendship, finance, forgiveness, repentance, personal responsibility, personal values etc.

It also points out the role we all need to play to awaken the sleeping giant in us, the body of Christ. People gather every Sunday in church and disperse the same way they came. All lukewarm. No power. As long as we can all manage a plastic smile, life is good but the devil is having a great time dealing. Until we get angry as Elizabeth did, take a stand and pray the devil back to hell, nothing will move. Wait, but first, there has to be a Miss Clara... that will help us become a Miss Clara for others.

I have to confess that during the first few minutes into the movie I felt a bit uncomfortable. Am I going to spend two-hours of my life watching a movie about couples struggling with their marriage? But no. The plot did unfold into other key areas that I, a single lady in the academia, bootstrapping a business idea could relate with.

Winning in life is all about having the right strategy. It does not matter who you are or what position you are in at the moment, "War room" is the movie to see this season! You won't leave the cinema the same way-- something will give. Something will spring up.

This review is nothing compared to the actual experience. 

I thank God for Alex Kendrick and the team. Amazing storyline, amazing movie in honor of an AMAZING GOD! You MUST see/watch it!

On a lighter note, is it just me or did Elizabeth [Priscilla Shirer] look like Michelle Obama in this movie?