Wednesday, October 15, 2014

WHO ARE YOU? By Taiwo Olawunmi Ogunyemi

Text: John 1: 19-23.

Many of us don't actually know who we are, we live life without knowing the purpose for which we are created!

We are lost in what others are, we focus on being someone else instead of looking inward to know who we are.

John the Baptist knows his purpose and calling. He was quick to say NO when he was asked if he is Jesus or Elijah, because he knows his purpose and calling is different from theirs. But with boldness he replied the pharisees who he is, his purpose of existence.

Are you being tagged with a name which isn't yours? Are you looking up to the society to brand and package you? OR are you living according to another person's purpose not yours? Are you lost about your purpose of existence?

Take time to ask yourself today "Who are mine?" If you know who you are, I congratulate you, but if you don't start getting your priorities rights, look inward and find the YOU God created you to be. Look on to Jesus the Author and the Finisher of your faith.


Guest Blogger: Taiwo Olawunmi Ogunyemi.

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