Monday, October 20, 2014

My Take On The Terrible Connection

Someone once told me that just as God sends people into our lives, the devil also sends people into our lives. I was reminded of this reality while listening to Dr D.K Olukoya's message on "the terrible connection."

In the message,  Dr Olukoya mentioned seven kinds of people we will meet in life. According to him, our current position in life was determined by somebody we met...or missed.

The seven kinds of people we'll meet in life are:
1. Those who add to your life
2. Those who subtract from your life
3. Those who leave you the way they find you
4. Those who love what you have but not you
5. Those who love you
6. Those who exploit you
7. Those who waste you

Going through the list, I'm sure you can easily fit in some names in each category. I hope I am not on your number 6 or 7 :-)

By God's grace, some of us strive to rise and stay on people's number 1 and 5 just like our Father. And hopefully the **universe will be kind enough to send the same people our way. But life has taught me that even when we meet those sent to break or waste us, we can find ourselves being strengthened in the darkroom of recovery. At the end, we are able to say like Joseph, "Oh! You meant that for evil, but God used it for my good!" Through the storm, we learn to use the stumbling blocks as stepping stones.

My prayer for you today: in your journey through life, may you never meet the people you should miss. May you not miss the people you should meet. May you apply wisdom in nurturing your relationships.

To know the difference, you must be able to discern... steps to having a better connection:
1. Be born again and grow in Christ. Repent from your sins so that your connection will not be dominated by the devil and his cohorts. When light appears, darkness disappears. To get the light, you need Christ.
2. Break away from wrong connection. You know those people pissing on your life and dreams, why are you still holding on to them? Have the courage to break away before they break you to death.
3. Pray to meet those you should meet and miss those you should miss. We do not meet people by chance. Always speak life into your path through powerful prayer so that you won't attract death by terrible connections.

Okay that is a jenniferized version of Dr Olukoya's message. A random guy (talk about a number 1) I met at the cafe gave me the mp3 file but I am sure you can buy the full message at any MFM bookstore or Christian bookstore.

As always, live love and have a fulfilling life!

**The devil feeds on sin. Have you starved him today? Starve him!

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