Sunday, September 1, 2013

What was preached at your church this morning?

I was scrolling through my FaceBook timeline this morning when updates from The Father's House page caught my attention.

Friends, the topic that was being preached was titled, "The Great Commission (Evangelism)." As I read through the different posts on the main page, I realized how similar it was to what was preached at Christ Embassy Lafia (where I worship) earlier this morning.

I'm like, wow!! Exact same thing being preached in two different churches in two different states on the same day?

The text we read in church was taken from Matthew 5:13-16 and Ezekiel 33:1-9.

Our mandate as Christians is to preach the gospel, salt the lives of others, shine our light and win souls for Christ! We are set as watch men.

Remember Christ's instruction? In one word, we are to GO...! Mark 16:15-20.

Nations are for the asking... Psalm 2:8.

No more slacking! Start at your own Jerusalem (sphere of influence). Don't keep the truth & goodness of God to yourself.

May God grant us the grace and boldness we need to propagate His word!

Keep shining!!

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