Saturday, September 28, 2013

Six reasons why we go to Church

There is a place for personal worship and there is a place for corporate worship. We are counselled not to forsake the gathering of other Christians. That is, don't shirk corporate worship!
Here are 6 reasons why it is important to go to church (shared by Pastor Ovie of Christ Embassy Church, Lafia):
1. To fellowship with the brethren and fellowship with God through Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit.
2. To receive instructions in righteousness.
3. To receive information in the Kingdom. These are informations that will take us to the next level.
4. To be strengthened in the inner man.
5. To worship God in psalms, hymns, with our substance.
6. We come to church to receive cleansing, by the utterance of the Word and the ministration during service.
I'll add: going to church should be an experience, not a task or another activity we just check-off our to-do lists.
Are you going to church today? Go with an expectation. God will not fail you!

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