Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Human Nature You Must Also Ignore

Thanks to Mrs Nelson ( @SaltMatters7 ), I have been learning how to slow down and study my Bible :-) instead the usual marathon-pace read. I actually study with a pen and a pad by my side, using the 5X5X5 plan she recommended. It is amazing how different stages exists in our Christian walk with God. I thank God for grace.

Today my study point was John 2:21-25. It basically focuses on Christ's response to people trading in the Temple of God. The previous verses made me pause to evaluate how I have been treating the Temple of the Holy Spirit (my body).

Back to my reading... I noticed how people got excited by Jesus Christ when He performs miracles. They believed in Him more.

"But Jesus would not entrust himself to them, for he knew all men. He did not need man's testimony about man, for He knew what was in a man."

That caught my attention. The human nature always likes to associate with "clout/klout" and all. Until they see you in a certain way or doing certain things, they will not want to associate with you. But the moment you do something big, they notice you. And some even become your official praise singers.

Not to compare myself to Christ but I can totally relate to His way of life here. It is something I must adopt-- to stop entrusting myself to people and living by their approval.

The human nature cannot be trusted. It is even written clearly in the book of Psalm 118. "Do not put your confidence in princes..."

What is that assignment God has placed inside of you? Are you holding back because people don't accept you or believe in you? Are you holding back because you think by human standard you don't have enough "clout" (klout)?

All you need is to have faith in God and commit it all to Him. If you put your trust first in humans, they will dump you the minute someone with a bigger clout breezes in.

I know, sometimes the desire to be accepted by others is stronger. Sometimes the desire to work with men's approval is more exciting. But should we choose that over God's approval or testimony of us?

Stay focus. God's grace is sufficient.


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