Thursday, December 13, 2012


This poem is dedicated to my friend and cousin, Ogunyemi Bankole Taiwo I praise God that you lived! Thank you for being a part of my life... thank you for giving so much of yourself to everyone you met and for always being willing to help. Thank you for trusting God and always acknowledging Him. Until we meet again, rest in God, for in God is peace!

Lets be the happiest friends
The world could ever have
So that even time itself would remember
Those playmates who never gave her rest.
Lets whisper and shout now that we can
Before our voices are blown into silence.
Lets cry and laugh as hard as we can
For come tomorrow we may have no chance.
Lets give all the help we can
To those who need it now.
Time, time is running very fast,
We have no idea who next will part.
Lets be the happiest friends
The world would ever love to have
And before we part each day,
Lets remember to say goodbye,
For it may be our last to see.

(c)Jennifer Ehidiamen, culled from “In Days to Come,” page 23

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