Monday, August 6, 2012

Hello Mr. Water Pass Garri (Spoken words)

Hello mr water pass garri, 
Why do you sit there looking at me as if I’m heaven?
I know, the problems you carry
are heavy, I mean really heavy.

You have been in that position for the past 52 years-
Squatting over one hand of garri in a one liter bowl filled with 75cl of water.
Counting them in days, that will be 18,980 days plus extra for the leap years.
Your brothers across the border
Are worried about you.

Look around you Mr water pass garri,
No, not in the direction of those beautiful maidens!
Look around at the virgin land behind your backyard.
Do you doubt it is fertile?

But how can you tell
When you have never ploughed and planted?
Can there be a harvest if you do not sow a seed?
18,993 days is gone man, and that one hand of garri in a one liter bowl filled with 75cl of water is not rising!

It is time for you to rise and try something new-
Like farming for more cassava to have abundance of garri
That you so much crave for.
And have enough for the babies unborn
You will not have to worry.

Tighten your sandals to your feet, for your road will be rough.
No man is heaven- so keep your eyes on almighty God at all times.
I would have wished you good luck
But I hear the luck changes after a new pair of designer shoes.
But pick up and keep going
We are at the top waiting for you!

(c) Jennifer Ehidiamen

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