Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Oriki: For my Master Lover

Alagbada ina,

the I AM 

who is clothed in fire

and makes the impossible possible,

the wait was long, Lord,

but thank you

for finally giving me

your unquestionable stamp of approval.

I love you, Love!

Despite my many failings,

You alone still fuel my fire,

and teach my soul

the art of being patient.

Thirty two tongues 

are not enough to thank you-

but my soul still sings:

bäṭam amäsäggänallähun!

Master Lover, my chief warrior,

bless the king and queens

who threw the honeycomb my way,

The bees will buzz

but I shall fear no evil.

May peace reign in Jerusalem.

Now, unto the next!



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